Dear Parents, to ensure a smooth execution and transaction we have to anticipate any eventualities. Please read our general terms and conditions carefully.


  • Insurance: Penguin Camp concluded an organizer liability insurance. Please also check your private liability insurance and your casualty insurance. The participant will be taken responsible for any damage arising during the duration of the camp. The organizer will assume no liability for damage.
  • Arrival/departure: The children will be taken to the campsite by their parents and will be picked up by them at the end of the camp. Exceptions can be granted for children that will not be picked up by their parents or children that need to leave during camp time if they inform the counsellors and present a written confirmation letter from their parents.
  • Reaching the parents: We will assume that we can reach you during camp hours under the number you provided. If this should not be the case please notify us via letter or email and provide us with an alternative telephone number.
  • Medical or dietary requirements or other particularities: If your child needs any medical or special dietary care or other (i.e. wasp-allergy, incompatibleness) please inform us before the first day of camp in detailed written form and also notify the counsellors on the first day of camp.
  • Duty of supervision and exclusion: The duty of supervision will be exercised by the counsellors within the legal provisions. They are authorized representatives by the organizers. The counsellors reserve the right to withdraw the participant from any activity at any time on the grounds of safety or unsuitability. The counsellors also reserve the right to make rules and regulation relating to the children’s participation at Penguin Camp. Any failure by the participants to adhere to these rules and regulations and after speaking to the parents result in his/her participation at Penguin Camp being terminated without refund and in such event the participant may be sent home at your expense.
  • Conditions for resignation: If you wish to cancel a Camp booking, you must do so in sending a registered letter. Valid is the date of the postmark.
  • Resignation charges: We reserve the right to apply the following cancellation charges:
    Until 30 days before the start of camp: 20% of the total camp price will be withheld.
    Until 15 days before the start of camp: 30% of the total camp price will be withheld.
    There will be no reimbursement if your child will miss a day or has to leave earlier for any reason (e.g. illness, exclusion, home sickness etc.). Please inform yourself on the topic of cancellation insurance.
  • Resignation by the organizer: Penguin Camp reserves the right to cancel any camps, due to unforeseen circumstances such as low registration numbers or other. Your payment will either be transferred onto another camp or alternatively be refunded. Other claims do not exist.
  • All Penguin camps follow a special Penguin-program consisting of arts, games, sports, theatre, active English, indoors and outdoors. The basic structure can vary depending on the camp site, the participant’s ages, the special camp theme, the counsellor’s personality and the children’s wishes but also on the weather. Each group will develop its own dynamics and will find different priorities. We always try to organize special guests as an additional attraction, but we cannot fully guarantee their presence.
  • Early Termination: If for any reasons i.e. bad weather conditions or discontinued measures the camp terminates earlier, there will be no reimbursement. There are no further claims against the organizer.
  • Photos, films and other media, that originate during the Penguin Camps, can be used as advertising material by the organizer.
  • We would like to inform you that the usage of electronic devices (mobiles, Gameboys etc.) is not permitted during camp time.
  • All information communicated to the organizer shall observe complete confidentiality.