We are Alice and Holger Breit, the organisers of Penguing Camps, and also parents of two children. It is great to know, that you are also passionate about the idea of combining learning a language with creativity.

We try our best to encourage the participants to combine learning a language with creative and independent behaviour.

Our long-standing research, i.e. organisation and implementation of fun and educating camps, play-along-theatre for young children and teenagers as well as education and further trainings of pedagogues has shown that the best motivation for learning something new is in a fun-filled and active environment. This applies in particular for learning a new language.

It has been 15 years since the founding of Penguin Camps. Since then our native English speaking counsellors have guided many thousands of children through the perks of the English language. We are delighted to celebrate this with you and so we say again: Experience English the easy way – at our Penguin Camps!

Kindest regards,
Alice and Holger Breit