Day Camps

Day camps are normally located near your living area, so that arriving at the camp site is easy and not expensive. The children, aged 6 – 14, will be at camp during the day but return home in the afternoon. From experience this time is still very valuable in experiencing the original speech melody and the cultural background from a native speaker. According to their age the children are allocated to groups of maximum 12 kids per group.

The Penguin Day Camps take place from Monday to Friday from 9 am  – 4 pm (in the Easter break the camps will only be 4 days long due to the bank holidays). The children arrive in the morning and get picked up in the afternoon by their parents.

Mondays consist of walking round the premises and discussing camp rules as well as planning the week with the children. Generally the day starts with indoor and outdoor activities at around 10 am. These vary from games or arts and crafts depending on the counsellors’ speciality/preferences and the weather.

This is a typical day at our Penguin Day Camp:

Time Activity
9 – 9.15 am Good morning circle
9.15 – 10 am Fun time
10 – 11 am Indoor & outdoor activities
11 – 11.15 am Break
11.15 – 12 am Active English
12 am – 1 pm Lunch break
1 – 2 pm Project
2 – 3 pm Project
3 – 3.15 pm Break
3.15 – 4 pm Workbook and afternoon circle
4 pm Pick-up

Lunch break is from 12 am to 1 pm, where the children can enjoy their home-packed lunch or when specified eat the catered meal.

After the lunch break it is time for the group projects. We like to encourage creativity for this task – the children are asked to think of a plot for the theatre as well as create back drops and masks just to name a few things.

Depending on the kids’ energy a break from working on the project can be taken. These breaks consist of outdoor activities and movement games, treasure hunts, group games or arts and crafts with materials found in nature.

On one of the days (in most of the day camps) a special guest comes in for a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon to break up the daily routine. This could be for example a drumming workshop, a magic workshop, a Frisbee tournament or a body percussion workshop. On the last day of camp parents and siblings are invited to join the kids for the Penguin Show.

Camp days end at 4 pm.